TAEDA Recognitions (2nd Edition)


In 2018, the second edition of these recognitions took place, this time dedicated to scientists and technologists contributing to the progress of our country. Among the honorees were biochemist and PhD in Chemical Sciences, Gabriel Rabinovich; Dr. Enrique Mesri, noted for his research on Kaposi’s sarcoma; pediatrician and neonatologist Lilian Corra; and psychiatrist, Army Major, and Falklands War veteran, Martín Bourdieu.

The meeting was attended by ministers Lino Barañao (Science and Technology), Alejandro Finocchiaro (Education), and Sergio Bergman (Environment and Sustainable Development), along with the Ambassador of Israel, Ilan Sztulman, and other personalities from scientific, political, and social sectors.

Recipients of TAEDA Recognition for Science:

  • Gabriel Rabinovich – Basic and Applied Science
  • Enrique Mesri – Cooperation with National Science
  • Lilian Corra – Environment
  • Martín Bourdieu – Public Health
  • Fabián Saieg, Leandro Lima, Leandro Miguez – Outstanding Youth
  • Mateo Bartellini, Damián Melamed y Franco Zelener – Technology


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