Cooperation of the TAEDA Foundation with Microsoft in Africa


In March we were fortunate to be joined by Friar Jorge Bender (Argentinian, Custodian of Santa Clara of Assis in Mozambique) and Mario Montoto (Argentinian, President, Taeda Foundation) at the Fifth UN Conference of the Least Developed Countries (LDC5) in Doha, Qatar. Microsoft Airband is collaborating with Friar Jorge and Mario to provide broadband connectivity through a local internet service provider to underserved rural areas around the village of Jecua, Mozambique. The Franciscan Friars have been serving continuously in Mozambique since 1898, uplifting communities with clean drinking water, agricultural techniques, and educational tools.

Our partnership to bring broadband connectivity will empower the work of the Friars by supporting critical areas identified by the community, like digital skilling, telehealth, smart agriculture, e-commerce, educational content, and access to devices. Noting the predominant role of women in running these communities, this project is particularly aimed at addressing the gender equity gap, focusing on getting more women and girls online.

Special thanks to Friar Jorge and Mario for their contributions to the project so far and joining our Airband panel in Qatar, emphasizing the importance of connectivity in increasing productivity, supporting resilient communities and ultimately creating economic opportunity.


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