Our mission and vision

Since its creation in 2008, the Foundation has been committed to addressing the constantly evolving needs and challenges affecting our region. Its main objective is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development that allows our societies to progress towards a more prosperous common destiny. We conceive this development as an equitable pursuit, based on respect for the environment and diversity, supported by new technologies from a humanistic perspective, with the purpose of generating well-being for both present and future generations.

Our Foundation pursues three objectives:

We aim to enable and create a sustainable and equitable future with technological innovation for our region, where economic, social, and environmental development are in harmony. We strive to be leaders in producing analyses and innovative proposals that address the challenges of the present and, above all, the near future. We seek informed and conscientious decision-making, and the solutions implemented to be collaborative. We are convinced that the only way to face global challenges is through the action and commitment of all members of society.

We work alongside with


Mario Montoto

President of the TAEDA Foundation and TAEDA Publishing House

Mario Montoto

He leads these specialized entities in organizing events and seminars addressing global strategic issues such as natural resources, technology, and sustainable development with technological innovation. Additionally, he is responsible for the DEF Magazine, a monthly publication covering topics of Latin American interest related to regional growth, environment, energy, defense, public security, science, and technology.

Throughout his career, he also serves as the President of the Argentine-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, Montoto is a shareholder in various companies developing solutions and systems, applying technology to public safety and defense.

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Gustavo Gorriz

Vice President of the TAEDA Foundation and Director of TAEDA Publishing House

Gustavo Gorriz

He also serves as the editor of DEF Magazine. All the entities he is a part of are committed to integrating the region and initiating discussions on sensitive topics to improve our living conditions and create a responsible future for new generations. Additionally, he has participated in several foundations with similar goals and has been the editor responsible for 37 books with TAEDA and other organizations.

He is a retired Colonel of the Argentine Army, a Staff Officer, and in this institution, among other roles, he served for years in the General Secretariat of the Army, was a presidential aide, and the commander of the Patricios Regiment. Since 2005, he has been fulfilling the mentioned roles in TAEDA.

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Yanina Kogan

Director of the TAEDA Foundation

Yanina Kohan
As the Foundation’s Director, she leads training and cooperation programs in strategic areas such as connectivity, climate change, and inclusive development. Her previous experience includes directing the Argentine-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, where she planned and executed networking programs nationally and internationally, and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, where she coordinated key meetings during Argentina’s Pro Tempore Presidency of Mercosur and led communication strategies for prominent events. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Negotiations from FLACSO, University of San Andrés, and University of Barcelona, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires. She has supplemented her education with postgraduate courses in Non-Profit Organizations and Deep Tech, Investments, and Venture Capital in Latin America. She is a board member of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael and Pollera Pantalón. Her focus on international cooperation, sustainability, and female empowerment reflects her commitment to social progress and community well-being in the region.
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Juan Ignacio Cánepa

Academic Secretary of the TAEDA Foundation

Juan Canepa
He also serves as the chief editor of DEF Magazine and the general editor of Taeda Publishing House. As the Academic Secretary of the Foundation, he organizes and supervises research teams and curates topics to work on. His main challenge is to connect the academic world with leaders and decision-makers to provide answers to present issues. He holds a degree in Political Science and is a journalist specialized in international politics, geopolitics, and defense. He has a postgraduate diploma in Digital Journalism (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and was awarded a scholarship by the Fulbright Commission of Argentina for Young Leaders.
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Maia Bornsztein

Maia Bornsztein

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the Torcuato Di Tella University and a Master’s degree in Security and Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University, where she is a fellow at the Irwin Cotler Institute for Democracy, Human Rights, and Justice. She complements her education with courses in public diplomacy and leadership, along with experiences in academic research projects. Additionally, she is part of the New Generations program of the World Jewish Congress.

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Our areas

Fields we work on

Our Foundation is characterized by working effectively and versatilely, with an integral vision and approach to the challenges that arise and the responses that the current world needs.



Through data collection, analysis, and evidence gathering, our team works with valuable information that is later utilized as various insights for leaders in both the public and private sectors during the decision-making process. Furthermore, it provides a theoretical framework for the programs we carry out and helps comprehend the current world in all its complexity. Constant change and emerging problems are unavoidable realities that necessitate daily monitoring.

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Conferences and Seminars

Taeda collaborates with other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, understanding that only through collaborative efforts can processes be enriched, leading to superior outcomes. Following this approach, through events, seminars, and training programs, we focus on raising awareness and providing training for leaders, experts, and professionals from different sectors. We encourage collaboration among these diverse actors, who have the potential to steer events towards sustainable development.

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Program Execution

We work meticulously in each stage of planning and design, execution and monitoring, and evaluation of results for various programs in different fields. In this regard, we consider working in conjunction with the private and/or public sector essential so that, through consistent collaboration, success can be achieved.

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Support for Startups and Innovation

It is paramount for us to provide support to projects, initiatives, and startups that align with our goals. These teams of individuals, who have dreams and develop innovative projects, play a pivotal role in society as catalysts for change. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us to offer them support in various aspects according to their needs, ranging from financial to technical-scientific and organizational support.

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Our history

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